Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beware of mold in the Waterpik:

I like my waterpik and use it daily.
I find it good for jostling free everything from raspberry seeds to leafy things.

But look what I found today when I accidently jolted the waterpick compartment free from the water reservoir!!

I went back to the manual for the product and found absolutely nothing directing me to separate the two parts and clean regularly

Suggestion for the Waterpik people

Instead of this: 

Wipe the exterior when necessary with a soft cloth and mild non abrasive cleanser. Reservoir may be washed with soapy water or in top rack of dishwasher.

Try this:

Prevent mold.
Once a week separate the water reservoir from the water pik unit and wipe clean with soft cloth and mild non-abrasive cleaner.
This will prevent mold from developing.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Mona Lisa of the Marketplace is gone!

After more than one friend, when running into me, was found to greet me with “ So Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?” - not too subtly bringing up my critique of things Open Enrollment, I’ve decided to start each of these open enrollment posts with the following caveat:

I, Christina Zarcadoolas, small town linguist with time on my hands, fully support the ACA and want as many people as possible to find coverage through Open Enrollment.  I am analyzing the messaging and communication through a health literacy and language lens. Sort of the only toolkit I own.  I do this to learn more from those who join the conversation, and to perchance have a small part in improving how we communicate vital issues about health and coverage to everyone.

The smiling face on the home page of is gone. 

Sad, but true, the inviting, smiling face of the Marketplace is gone.

In its place, (no not the Onion 10/22/13’s rendition) ….

She is gone, only to be replaced by 4 icons – a phone, computer, page and people.
(Some of which, by the way, don’t “click” – don’t take you to a phone number, or computer page, or a place to write, or to speak to someone )

So, what do they mean?  They must mean something. Right?